Should all adults be screened for unhealthy drinking?

New US draft guidelines are recommending just that

US: All primary care patients over 18 should be opportunistically screened for unhealthy alcohol use as a matter of course, according to new draft recommendations by the US Preventive Services Task Force.

Those who are found to be engaging in hazardous drinking, but who do not qualify for alcohol use disorder, should be offered brief behavioural counselling interventions, the draft guidelines say

Those at risk include men who drink more than 14 drinks a week and women who drink more than seven.

The US task force has determined that 1-3-item screening instruments have the best accuracy for assessing unhealthy alcohol use.

These include the abbreviated AUDIT-C (Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test-Consumption) and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism-recommended SASQ (Single Alcohol Screening Question).

According to the task force's