Sigma and Chemist Warehouse set for court

Sigma and the Chemist Warehouse group are set to face off in court this week in a dispute over their supply agreement.

A directions hearing — the first step towards a trial — is set for Friday, according to court documents.

The presiding justice is likely to seek more details about the case and make orders for its progression, including for the CWH group to lodge a defence, says Hall and Wilcox partner David Short, who is not involved in the case.

A directions hearing is the first of a number of administrative steps before the case goes to trial, which is unlikely to be before next year.

The dispute arose when the CWH group said it would source Sandoz products from another CSO wholesaler.

But Sigma maintains that, under their agreement, CWH group is not entitled to source products from another wholesaler.

It would lose five to ten million dollars a year in earnings if