Size matters when it comes to noses

However, when it comes to size, one constant holds true: male noses are bigger than female noses. 

In people of European descent at least, male noses are about 10% bigger, according to a study from the University of Iowa.

Researchers from the Department of Orthodontics tracked nose size and growth of 38 individuals of European descent enrolled in the Iowa Facial Growth Study from three years of age until their mid-20s, taking external and internal measurements at regular intervals.

The researchers found that boys and girls have roughly the same nose size from birth until puberty. However, from around age 11, the size difference grew more pronounced, regardless of body size.

Previous research has shown that during puberty, approximately 95% of body weight gain in males comes from fat-free mass, compared to 85% in females. 

This research is the first to show that as body size grows, males exhibit a disproportionate