Skeleton in the closet? Here's how to get rid of your med school relics

Doctors advised not to sell their human skeletons on eBay as a Halloween prop

Got a human skeleton in the closet from your medical school days?

Well, Halloween is not the time to put them on eBay for sale as a spooky prop.

In fact, no time is a good time to dispose of human bones online or in any other sales capacity, the UK’s Medical Defence Union (MDU) says in a statement.

“Doctors should be mindful that in the handling of all human bodies and tissue, the need to maintain dignity and respect is paramount,” the guidance states.

“[For example], advertising a genuine human skeleton online for use as a Halloween prop could draw criticism.

“Many of the platforms for selling goods, such as online auction sites, may ban the sale of human remains regardless of the purpose for which they are being advertised.”

Strict rules apply around the disposal of human remains that means they can’t be sold in the same way as other unwanted items.