Skip opioids for a better sex life

Those who take the drugs long term for chronic non-cancer pain report lack of desire

Patients who take opioids for chronic pain may be less satisfied with their sex life and more likely to experience a lack of desire than those who don't, a study suggests.

Researchers examined data from questionnaires completed by more than 11,000 randomly chosen adults in Denmark in 2013.

Slightly more than half of the women and slightly less than half of the men said they suffered from chronic non-cancer pain.

Compared with people without chronic pain, pain sufferers who didn't use opioids were 38% more likely to be unhappy with their sex life and 46% more likely to report a lack of desire, the study found.

However, long-term opioid users were 69% more likely than pain-free individuals to report dissatisfaction with their sex life and more