Smartphone injuries on the rise

So-called “text neck” is becoming more prevalent as are injuries to the thumb caused by overuse, and it’s mainly because people are using high-tech gadgets for accessing the internet rather than making phone calls.

Health experts in Britain have warned that the strain injuries stemming from long periods spent staring at small screens and tapping at tiny keys can be debilitating.

“I had a patient who developed inflamed tendons in her thumb from using her smartphone and was unable to use her hand for weeks due to pain,” said Dr Tim Hutchful (DC) from the British Chiropractic Association.

Sammy Margo, from the UK Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, said people’s bodies were “not designed to be used like this”.

“The phones are far too small, with keys that are too small,” she said, noting that pain in the upper limbs forced one of her patients to stop texting and instead