Smile - study puts pregnancy myth to bed

The saying 'a tooth a child' is not true

Many women believe their dental condition deteriorates during pregnancy or as a result of having numerous kids, with several studies backing their fears.

smiley face on pregnant stomach

But New Zealand research now claims to have put the old wives’ tale of ‘a tooth per child’ to bed.

The literature review shows that while hormonal changes that affect dental health do occur during pregnancy, they are transitory.

It also shows that links between dental health and parity are affected by numerous confounding factors, such as oral health practices.

The persistence of the adage may be fuelled by heightened symptoms of gingivitis during pregnant women owing to hormonal changes, the study says.

“The dental health cost of children, said to be ‘a tooth per child’, remains a commonly held misconception for some women, but as with many old sayings, there is little scientific evidence to support this assertion.”

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