Snubbed divisions left wondering what they did wrong in ML bids

After the federal government announced earlier this month the 38 groups to win contracts for the second and third ML tranches, on top of the first 19, the department gave no explanation to the five unexpectedly left off the list, despite their urgent requests.

“We’ve rung [the department] on many occasions, we’re willing to write, we’re even offering to fly to Canberra to meet with them,” said Dr Harry Nespolon, chair of Northern Sydney General Practice Network (NSGPN), one of the five. “And not a reply back.”

After five attempts to call, Dr Nespolon said, his division received a call from the AGPN advising that the department would discuss his division’s bounced application in person at the AGPN conference this week.

“At best, it’s just terrible management,” Dr Nespolon said. 

“I don’t think any other business would operate in this way. We’re all big