‘Souring relations’ spurred mass quit of NEHTA leads

The mass resignation of National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA) clinical leads this week came amid reports of souring relations between the advisors and the Department of Health and reports that the department was taking an increasingly central role in the rollout.

The other resignations were RACGP e-health standing committee members Dr John Bennett and Dr Nathan Pinskier, as well as Dr Jenny Bartlett. Melbourne GP Dr Chris Pearce also quit but he told MO his decision was because of a desire to concentrate on research.

AMA president Dr Steve Hambleton said Dr Haikerwal was pivotal to the PCEHR’s development and his departure “raises serious concerns about clinical input to decision-making in the implementation of PCEHR”.

“The PCEHR simply will not be effective if doctors – the people who patients trust most with their health care – do not have a say on what goes on the electronic medical record and