Specialist cleared of kicking patient's eight-year-old brother

He did not act improperly, committee rules

A surgeon has been cleared of acting improperly after he was accused of kicking an eight-year-old boy on the bottom when the child was slow to leave his consulting rooms.

The Lismore ENT specialist, Dr Stephen Prince, had finished examining the boy’s sister, aged five, and had asked him to leave twice, threatening to boot him out on the count of three.

Dr Prince counted to three, and then kicked the boy, who has autism spectrum disorder, as he left the room, according to the Health Care Complaints Commission.

The mother had lodged the formal complaint against Dr Prince, having recorded her son’s version of events the following day, alerting the reception desk to the incident and phoning her GP for advice.

She alleged that as she left the consulting rooms with her daughter, Dr Prince had said words to the effect, “I’ll count to three and if you’re not out of my room in three, I’ll