Spot the reason this chiro patient's vision went haywire

Got a patient with a headache? High-velocity chiropractic thrusts to the neck appear to NOT be the solution

The case report of a woman who experienced spotty vision after a trip to the chiropractor has prompted calls for doctors to pay more attention to patients’ alternative medicine “pursuits”.

The 59-year was driving home after a chiropractor had used short, high-velocity thrusts on her posterior neck to help her headaches when she noticed a tadpole-shaped spot in her vision.

The problem had worsened by the next day when she had three spots in her vision, ophthalmologists report in the American Journal of Ophthalmology Case Reports.

The woman, who denied recent trauma or surgery, also had her neck twisted to the right and left during the chiropractic treatment.

Slit-lamp examination revealed multiple pre-retinal tears in the right eye with three located inferiorly along with haemorrhage over the optic nerve. A shallow, incomplete posterior vitreous detachment was also observed.