Sprogis first official AML Alliance chair

Dr Sprogis had been the interim chair since AML Alliance was formed by the divisions body, AGPN, in May, but he was formally elected to the role over the weekend.

In a statement he said it was “time to advocate for the Commonwealth to take responsibility for all primary healthcare and for all PHC funding to shift to Medicare Locals for implementation, guided by clinical and community input”.

“The 2013 federal budget and the coming election are an opportunity to significantly build the critical role Medicare Locals can play in… shifting planning, coordination and funding for health programs to the local level,” he said.

The board of directors which elected Dr Sprogis includes NSW GPs Professor Di O’Halloran and Dr Sue Page, Queensland GP Dr John Kastrissios, former Department of Health deputy secretary Philip Davies and nurse Alison Comparti.

Appointed AML directors include former AGPN director Paul