Stroke Foundation to modify 'killer' ad

The National Stroke Foundation (NSF) advertisements depicted a black-clad figure describing the impacts of stroke while slicing into a brain with a scalpel, before moving onto another brain, picking up a hammer and smashing it.

One complainant said that the ad was ‘dark and frightening and will cause nightmares for sensitive individuals’, while others did not understand what was being advertised.Another complainant wrote: “I know a man who recently died suddenly with a stroke at the age of 48 years old and his wife is still totally devastated. I hope she never sees this horrendous ad. It is unnecessarily macabre and violent.”

The ASB said a lack of information was provided about how to avoid or recognise the symptoms of stroke, which failed to justify the violence shown.

Dr Erin Lalor, National Stroke Foundation CEO, defended the approach and is confident the ad can be modified without diluting the content before being aired