Students channelled into general practice via peers

More than 25% of 1732 general practice training program applicants for 2012 entry were members of the junior doctor-focused Going Places Network or had been members of the General Practice Students Network (GPSN), both administered by GPRA and funded by GPET as part of the GP First program.

Both GPSN and the Going Places Network hold events at universities and in hospitals to put members in touch with others interested in general practice, and have 7000 and 1800 members respectively.

GPRA CEO Amit Vohra said the peer-to-peer initiatives were a world-first and proved the  effectiveness of word of mouth networking.

“GPSN and Going Places Network have demonstrated a new way to promote GP careers.

“They both use peer-to-peer marketing to inform fellow students or junior doctors about the benefits of a career in general practice, and how to find out more about how to become a GP and applying for GP training.”