Study examines what makes Gen Y docs tick

The research will be led by Ipsos Australia, with funds and support from the RACGP, GPET, MIMS and Pfizer.

It will examine Gen Y’s career aspirations, where and how medical students get information, what channels they use to access it, how they view technology, and when and why they make their vocational training choices.

General Practice Registrars Australia CEO Amit Vohra said little academic-level research had been done on the subject.

“We’re really keen to gauge the key places where generation Y gets information and what their attitudes are toward general practice,” he told MO.

“Unless we’re able to package our educational materials and our message using the channels they are likely to be accessing it is difficult to have an effective dialogue with this group.

“There is a lot of rhetoric about the use of mobile devices and iPads and the like but there hasn’t been much