Surgeon blames phones for students' lack of hand skills

Scrolling on smartphones is messing with med students' manual aptitude, warns surgical professor

Too much smartphone use and not enough time developing hand skills is creating a generation of medical students who lack the dexterity to complete surgical training, a noted UK surgeon says. 

Professor Roger Kneebone, professor of surgical education at Imperial College London, says he has seen a concerning decline in  students’ manual aptitude over the past decade. 

“It is important and an increasingly urgent issue," Professor Kneebone is reported as saying on BBC News

"It is a concern of mine and my scientific colleagues that whereas in the past you could make the assumption that students would leave school able to do certain practical things — cutting things out, making things — that is no longer the case.

Medical students may be endowed academically, but their manual dexterity is slipping, and they’re less able than previous peers to cut, sew or stitch