Taking the robotic option for prostatectomy

A comparison of the surgical options for prostate cancer patients

Robotic-assisted prostatectomy may be a more appealing surgical option for prostate cancer patients than open radical prostatectomy, a Queensland researcher suggests.

Advanced robotic technology offers a safer and minimally invasive option for men diagnosed with prostate cancer, according to the two-year study of 300 men published in the Lancet Oncology.

It is also provides equal outcomes for urinary and erectile function.

Robot-assisted surgery is now the most widely utilised surgical approach for prostatectomy, says co-author and Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital urologist, Dr Nigel Dunglison.

But he says that, until now, very little research has been done comparing both types of surgery.

Dr Dunglison says the study indicates that men who had a robotic prostatectomy had a lower biochemical PSA recurrence after two years, although it is still unclear