Tamper-resistant oxycodone slashes misuse

Tamper-resistant oxycodone has dramatically reduced diversion and misuse of opioids for injection, an Australian study shows.

Latest findings from a cohort of 606 people who had been tampering with pharmaceutical opioids before the reformulation of oxycodone in 2014 show a substantial drop in misuse of the drug, without any shift to misuse of other pharmaceutical opioids or illicit drugs.

The study carried out by the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre at the University of NSW found the number of people injecting oxycodone at one medical injecting centre declined from around 3500-4000 a month before reformulation to fewer than 500 after the tamper-proof formulation was introduced.

The introduction of tamper-proof oxycodone led to a large reduction in total visits to the medically supervised injection centre, according to researcher Dr Briony Larance (PhD).

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