Tear up the roadmap on mental health: Mendoza

Adjunct Associate Professor John Mendoza, who in 2009 quit as chair of the government’s National Advisory Council on Mental Health in protest against perceived failures of the government’s handling of the sector, said the document recently proposed as a guide for mental health policy for the next decade fails to acknowledge missteps from the past or specify how it will bring care to people with non-severe mental illness.

“What I don’t see in it is evidence that they’ve taken on board the learning from these past failures, and that we have a plan that ticks all the boxes of good public policy,” he said.

“It’s merely a jumble of reworked, overused clichés and language that we’ve become very familiar with in mental health reform – but without tying it to any specific actions or government authorities or timeframes.

“It’s not a matter of just tweaking it. In my view, we must