TGA may dump 1300 comp meds from register

A TGA spokesperson said the administration was “actively ringing and writing to” all 304 parent companies urging them to pay their listing fees, which were due on 1 October. The 28-day grace period for the payment of fees on 1349 products expired on 28 October.

The TGA spokesperson said most of the products set for delisting were complementary products, with no fees outstanding for prescription medicines.

Nevertheless, the TGA “considers the potential impact on consumers to reduce the possibility of harm” before removing a product from the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) the spokesperson added.

Activist and Monash University academic Dr Ken Harvey said removing 1349 complementary products from the register was minor since “there are currently around 10,000 complementary medicines on the ARTG with more being added each year than are taken off”.

Dr Harvey meanwhile renewed his