TGA pulls baby product off the market

Homeopathic baby teething products containing the toxin belladonna are being withdrawn after improperly diluted batches were linked to serious adverse events in the US.

The TGA says Hyland’s teething tablets should be removed from the shelves as a precautionary measure after the US Federal Drug Administration found they contained inconsistent amounts of belladonna alkaloids.

“While the TGA had tested samples of these products supplied in Australia and found no quality issues, [the distributor] Kadac is now recalling the tablets … due to the potential safety risk that belladonna alkaloids can pose to children,” the TGA says in an alert.

Belladonna contains atropine and scopolamine, and it is a component of the poisonous plant deadly nightshade.

The FDA has apparently investigated 10 deaths among babies who were given the products. There have also been hundreds of reported