Thalidomide victim's 50-year fight

Michael Magazanik was a lawyer who worked on the $100 million class action for Australian thalidomide survivors.

In his new book, Silent Shock, he describes the 50-year battle for justice by Wendy Rowe, one of the many victims of the drug.

March 1962
He was a young man then and it was long, long ago. Yet when he thinks about that day in 1962, it’s as if 50 years have vanished and he’s back at the Box Hill Hospital on a late-summer morning. “I’d just delivered a baby when the senior midwife came over and asked me if I could step in and help out with another delivery. The woman’s doctor couldn’t be found.”

Dr Ron Dickinson pauses; he has not told this story often. It’s April 2011 and he’s now 85 and living a happy retirement, with a satisfying medical career well behind him. Home is a big house perched high on a bluff with