Their future in your hands

THE old hands at Crystal Brook Medical Practice reckon Dr Ross Roberts-Thomson is cursed – and he’s loving it.

An intern at the town’s general practice and hospital, Dr Roberts-Thomson applied for a place in the Prevocational General Practice Placements Program (PGPPP) in the hope he would strike a greater diversity of cases than he had during colorectal and cardiothoracic terms at Royal Adelaide Hospital.

He is one of more than 900 junior doctors who will complete a PGPPP placement this year, and the people of Crystal Brook and surrounds have not let him down.

They have fallen off ladders, clutched at their hearts, obstructed their bowels, dislocated their hips and turned up to ask for help quitting smoking.

“So much happened in my first week here the other doctors joked that I must be cursed,” Dr Roberts-Thomson chuckles down the line from the town of 1600, a few hours north of Adelaide.

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