There may be a reason why some patients are less compliant

Study shows procrastinators have a different brain structure from doers

Next time one of your ‘gunna’ patients promise they’ll start that exercise program/healthy diet/knee rehab any day now, it could be that their brain is wired differently from your more diligent patients.

Research shows those identified as 'procrastinators' have a bigger amygdala — the integrative centre for emotional behavior and motivation of the brain — than the 'doers' of the world.

In the study, German researchers used MRI scans and a questionnaire to look at why certain people tended to put tasks off rather than tackling them directly.

They examined 264 people, assessing the volume of individual brain regions and the functional connectivity between them through MRI scans.

All participants also completed a survey measuring their ability to execute action control.

The researchers identified two brain areas whose volume and functional connectivity were linked to an