Think you're busy now? More work uploading e-health summaries is on the cards

Department of Health expected to 'lift the bar' for e-PIP qualification, adviser says

GPs could be forced to upload more shared health summaries to qualify for the Practice Incentives Program eHealth Incentive when My Health Record becomes opt-out in December. 

Dr Steve Hambleton, a Brisbane GP and adviser at the Australian Digital Health Agency, says he expects the Department of Health to “lift the bar” for the so-called e-PIP. 

When the requirement to upload summaries for at least 0.5 per cent of patients was added to the e-PIP in 2016, almost one-third of practices did not meet the target.

However, Dr Hambleton says the target is not a big number.

“I’m a part-time GP and I do it in one day. I presume many practices are exceeding the minimum already,” he says. 

“I think the department is going to lift the bar to encourage the upload of shared health summaries.”

Dr Hambleton was formerly the chair of the predecessor to the digital health agency,