Thongs shipped north to help patients board flights

Footwear drive welcomed as a simple way to ensure people can access health appointments

Hundreds of thongs have been shipped to far north Queensland to help patients make it to their health appointments.

Donations of 600 pairs of thongs were sent 1600km from Brisbane to Cairns for distribution to remote communities on the Cape York Peninsula and the Torres Strait.

Nursing staff in Brisbane organised the thong drive to ensure patients from remote communities had appropriate footwear to board flights and make their crucial health appointments in larger centres.

MP Cynthia Lui, the state member for the far north Queensland electorate of Cook, said the donation would allow a stock of footwear to be stored at local airports and healthcare centres so they could be provided to clients and patients before they boarded flights.

“People who turn up without appropriate footwear are often unable to board their scheduled flights to access necessary healthcare in larger