Thumbs-up for novel urinary incontinence device

A team of urologists have given a vote of confidence to a novel device that reduces urinary incontinence in men after prostate.

The device, known as ATOMS device, features a pre-attached silicone-covered scrotal port system.

The urologists say it has major advantages over other minimally invasive male sling options, including all-time adjustability in the outpatient setting and a fixed anchoring that prevents dislocation.

The Vienna-based urologists report that the device can be easily implanted in under 30 minutes.

Significantly better results were achieved with primary implantation and in those without a history of radiotherapy.

Their study, described as the largest cohort study to date, found that the overall success and dry rates were 90% and 64%, respectively, after a median of 31 months.

“The daily pad test and pad use decreased from 400 mL/day and four pads/day to 18