Time to address chronic and complex care needs

In 2010, the AMA produced a comprehensive and coordinated care plan for patients with chronic and complex disease that met the intentions of the NHHRC.

We are currently updating that plan and we have called on the government to acknowledge chronic and complex care needs in this year’s budget.

It is vital that as a community we establish systems and services now to cater for the chronic and complex care needs of our ageing population. 

And GPs must be the leaders and coordinators in the provision of this care, just as the NHHRC suggested.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) Report, General Practice Activity in Australia 2009-10, confirms that GPs are increasingly treating older patients with more complex care needs.

The management of chronic and complex disease is a key part of general practice, with chronic conditions making up 35% of all problems managed.

The AIHW report highlights that