In tireless pursuit of proof

DR KEN Harvey has developed a pretty thick skin during the quarter century or so he has been fighting the good fight for evidence-based medicine, but his stomach still sank when a legal demand for $800,000 recently landed on his desk.

The letter confirmed Dr Harvey had raised the ire of SensaSlim Australia Pty Ltd as the result of a complaint he had lodged with the TGA and ACCC about the company’s weight-loss products.

SensaSlim rejected the content of his complaint and chose to sue him for defamation. The NSW Supreme Court case was ongoing as MO went to press. 

But it does illustrate the personal risks taken by the man who accepts that pharmaceutical companies, and others, view him as a “serial complainer”. 

Dr Harvey’s dedication to evidence-based treatments and therapies was forged as a freshly graduated medical officer in the late 1960s.

“My wife and I went to [Papua New