The top 10 most common GP visits

And the RACGP survey reveals which health trend concerns GPs the most

Seeing patients with psychological issues, including depression, mood disorders and anxiety, are the most common ailments GPs deal with day to day, according to an RACGP survey. 

When asked, 'What are the emerging patient health issues causing you the most concern for the future', psychological issues again topped the list, followed by obesity and diabetes.

The figures are contained in the RACGP’s annual General Practice: Health of the Nation report, which includes findings from a survey of more than 1500 GPs. 

Happily, nine out of 10 surveyed GPs are satisfied or very satisfied with their role, but satisfaction levels drop once money enters the equation.

Only 64% of city GPs are satisfied or very satisfied with their remuneration, but this increases to 78% for remote GPs.

When asked, 'What are the three most common ailments you deal with', these were the top 10: