Track dubious care plans

I’ve had my patients tell me they’ve gone to them with a minor illness and they’ve come back saying the doctor sent them for a massage or to have their toe nails cut in the centre.

They were not given a copy of the care plan or any understanding of a care plan. For me, doing a care plan takes at least 30–45 minutes. Medicare should follow and name and shame those doctors who are doing care plans without knowledge of the patient’s proper history. It will save the taxpayer.

All Centrelink recipients of the carer allowance, disabled pension and the RTA licence renewal and Housing Department dispensations should pay private fees.

Also, I would work to stop the patients who are abusing Medicare with their doctor-shopping when they don’t get what they want from their usual GP. Same for others who abuse after-hours care for minor illnesses by claiming they have no transport to go to the doctor. And I would also stop the rort whereby pharmacists