Trainee psychiatrist warned: comply or get struck off

The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission took action against Dr Licia Beatriz Maiocchi after she refused to appear at the December 2011 interview called in response to a 2010 notification about her work performance.

In its decision, the HCCC’s Medical Professional Standards Committee (PSC) said Dr Maiocchi’s failure to attend demonstrated a significant lack of judgement. 

The PSC found her guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct warranting a reprimand and warned her registration would be cancelled if she refused to undergo any future performance assessment required by the Medical Council.

Dr Maiocchi was a fourth-year trainee psychiatrist at Northside Clinic in Sydney when she was given a fail in her assessment by her supervisor in March 2010. Her supervisor notified the Northern Sydney Central Coast Area Health Service of his concerns.

NSCCAH clinical director Dr Michael Paton recommended she be assigned to quality