Transforming students’ perception of practice

WHEN Adelaide GP, Dr Frank Maldari, first started taking interns, he knew a rotation at his Adelaide general practice was most students’ “last choice on the list”.

Happily, that has now all changed, and the MO/GPET GP supervisor of the year nominee cheerfully reports that every intern and registrar leaves his practice with a positive perception of the job.

“When it first started, anyone would be disappointed getting put here as part of their intern rotation,” he told MO. “[Interns] want to be in the hospitals and they don’t see general practice as being very interesting. But they’ve come out completely different, every single one of them enjoys it.”

That includes trainees who have gone on to become GPs, some even working at his practice.Dr Maldari, who started taking registrars 10 years ago and interns five years ago, puts the change down to his serious commitment to medical training.