Tribunal sides with GP after complaint of excision scarring

But it was a surgery performed by a GP that left her with fibromyalgia from sleeplessness, anxiety, depression and marital problems, the woman alleged in a complaint to the former Medical Practitioners Board of Victoria.

In its place, the Medical Board of Australia, failed in an attempt to secure an unprofessional conduct finding after the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal found Dr William Crawford gave the woman adequate warning of the risk of scarring. It found he performed the operation appropriately and did not need to refer her to a specialist.

The details of her complaint, published in the tribunal’s findings last week, provide a compelling insight into a patient’s experience of having treatment considered insensitive and unsatisfactory.

After seeing another GP in 1996 for seborrhoeic dermatitis, the woman had an ulcerated basal cell carcinoma excised in February 1997. In 2003 she returned, saying she had been doing