Tribunal strikes off GP for misconduct

A GP who practised a medical philosophy based on the belief that illness could be cured with forceful spinal manipulation has been found guilty of misconduct and deregistered.

Richard Francis Gorman, who worked in Sydney after forming his beliefs in Mt Isa in the ’70s and ’80s, lost his bid to keep practising after a NSW Medical Tribunal ruled he “holds the accepted principles and framework of general practice in disdain”, he considered mainstream GPs “the lowest common denominator”, and he was not competent to treat patients.

Mr Gorman, who referred to himself as a “spinomigrainologist”, believed there was a “ubiquitous illness for which … forceful spinal manipulation is the standard cure”.

“I have strongly and repeatedly recommended that this new medical philosophy should supersede orthodox medical practice, where appropriate to do so,” he told the Tribunal.