Truce reached over ML merger

A SCRAP between two divisions over a merger to become a Medicare Local (ML) has reached an uneasy truce, despite claims one division – run by ML architect Dr Tony Hobbs – shirked on promises to involve the other in key decision making.

Murrumbidgee General Practice Network and Riverina Division of General Practice, of which Dr Hobbs is chair, jointly won one of the first 19 ML contracts.

But the partnership quickly eroded amid accusations Riverina signed contracts without consulting Murrumbidgee.

The deal was frozen and the health department sent in an arbitrator who determined the deal must go ahead, despite Murrumbidgee’s complaint that Riverina failed to keep its promise to consult before securing control of the ML funding.

“We had an agreement that we’d merge and there’d be due processes in place to do that [and account for it] and mutual input into how to manage that, [but] they went and secured