Try again in kids with mild-moderate vax reactions

Most were fine on second vaccination: study shows

Most children who have a mild to moderate adverse event after immunisation can be safely re-vaccinated without having a recurrence of the reaction, a Canadian study has found.

Of the more than 1700 patients in the study who had an adverse event following immunisation, 1350 were re-vaccinated and only 16% experienced some sort of recurrent reaction when given the second jab.

Among those did have another reaction, in 80% it was no more serious than the original reaction. 

The risk of recurrence was lower among children re-vaccinated after a severe reaction than for those who had a less serious reaction (8% versus 17%), the study authors reported in the Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal.

The study authors analysed 19 years of data from an adverse events surveillance system. 

About half of the adverse events were allergic-like reactions, which included anaphylaxis, allergic