Try task shifting – it could set you free

The cost of healthcare is getting out of hand with healthcare costs increasing at a much greater rate than GDP and with most state governments spending about 30% of annual new spend on health. 

This is not sustainable even in the short term, so we need to think of other ways of delivering services – just like every other industry over the past 30 to 40 years. 

Think how the banking industry, construction, legal have changed the way they do things, altered the skills mix of workers and seen how they can improve productivity. Our dental colleagues have embraced this with gusto. Do you spend all the time with the dentist? No way – you see the dental technician, the hygienist and sometimes the dental assistant – always the dentist albeit briefly for the bill. We need to do the same – but urgently! 

The Productivity Commission Report into Australia’s Health Workforce (2006) suggested that it was 20% inefficient