Tweet moods show capital differences

The study, which analysed words associated with emotions that were used on Twitter, found tweets from people in Canberra were the most aggressive, anxious or sad, particularly when compared to the upbeat West Australians.

Sydneysiders tweet the most but Melburnians were more sociable, with the highest amount of mentions on Twitter.

People from Adelaide were the most affectionate tweeters, Hobart sends the most tweets per capita, and Brisbane takes out the silver medal when it comes to profanity, after Sydney.

The data was collated by importing all tweets generated by Australians over an eight-week period into software created by the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

Advertising agency the Works said the study’s results showed Australians send 234 million tweets per month on average, or 5000 per minute.

Fifty-eight per cent of all tweets posted by Australians come out of Sydney and Melbourne, they found.