Ugly cigarette packaging intended to deter new smokers

THE Federal Government has fired its latest salvo in the war against smoking, proposing that tobacco companies should be forced to make cigarette packs plain and olive green in order to be “as unattractive as possible”.

The draft legislation, launched last night by Health Minister Nicola Roxon, would also ban companies from putting their logos on packaging. Instead, health warnings and graphic pictures would take up to 90% of the front of the pack and 75% of the back.

“We’ve done a lot of research to ensure that we make the cigarette packs as unattractive as possible,” Ms Roxon told the ABC last night.

“Apparently dark olive is the least attractive colour for any smokers and in particular for young people.”

The Federal Government has said it wants to cut smoking rates to 10% of adults, and Ms Roxon said she hoped the move would deter new smokers from taking up the habit.

“This is