UK expert backs pay-for-performance models

A LEADING UK healthcare expert has endorsed the Gillard Government’s decision to pilot its pay-for-performance (PFP) diabetes care scheme, saying the controversial funding model is a potentially important element in the future of primary care.

Dr Stephen Campbell, senior research fellow at the University of Manchester’s National Primary Care Research and Development Centre, told MO that a similar scheme introduced in the UK had proven the concept could work. Even better results could have been achieved if the scheme had been piloted before implementation, he added. 

Dr Campbell was due to deliver a public lecture on the topic at Canberra’s Australian National University as MO went to press.

“If you look at the evidence base for PFP, it shows that this works… but the evidence states that PFP should be used as one part of a multiple strategy toward quality improvement. It is not a magic bullet – it is not a