UK locum pay falls to eight-year low

The average hourly locum rate for pharmacists in the UK has fallen to an eight-year low of £20.50 ($35), according to the results of a major salary survey.

This represents a £3.50 ($6) drop since 2008, when the average hourly rate was £24 ($41).

The survey by the Chemists and Druggists (C+D) Jobs website shows that rates have consistently fallen, apart from 2010l, when the hourly rate rose by 40p.

This is because demand for locums rarely outstrips supply.

Pharmacy London chief executive Rekha Shah – who works as a locum – told C+D she was not surprised by the results. “We have had locum rates dropping year on year for a while now and it’s worse in certain parts of the country, London being one of them.”

Another salary survey by C+D found that the average salary for