UK nurse linked to five 'sabotage' deaths

TWO more patients have died in a British hospital where a nurse is suspected of contaminating a batch of saline with insulin, taking the death toll so far to five.  
Police arrested a 27-year-old nurse this week in connection with the deaths of the three other patients at Stepping Hill Hospital in northwest England and also have grave fears for nine others, including a 41-year-old man, who has been described as being critically ill.  
"I can confirm that there have been two further deaths that we are linking to the investigation into deliberate contamination of medical products," Greater Manchester Police Assistant Chief Constable Ian Hopkins told reporters outside the hospital.  
An 83-year-old man had died earlier on Thursday, while an 84-year-old woman had died on 14 July, he said. Her case was referred to police following medical procedures.  
Police were called in last week after a