Unfinished business awaits

AFTER an eventful apprenticeship in the crucible of medico-politics, Dr Steve Hambleton, the AMA’s second in command, says he is ready to lead.

And it appears other senior AMA figures agree. When electoral nominations closed on 13 May, the Brisbane GP, who has helped steer the association through significant health reform debate and implementation over the past two years, was the sole candidate to contest the top job.

Outgoing president Dr Andrew Pesce doesn’t hesitate giving his deputy a ringing endorsement, and claims the lack of a challenger shows the high esteem in which Dr Hambleton is held by his colleagues.

For his part, Dr Hambleton – who was Queensland AMA president from 2005 to 2006 and has sat on the Federal Government’s National Immunisation Committee and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee – says he is pleased with the support, in what remains a significant period of change for primary care.