University chiro course ‘legitimising anti-science’

The 35 scientists, doctors and clinical academics who signed the open letter have vowed to broaden the campaign against any university offering “courses that are anything but evidence based”.

“Not to do so… could well diminish the standing of some of our academic centres and reflect badly on the rigour with which scientific knowledge is sought and taught in this country,” reads the letter, co-signed by figures including Professor John Dwyer, AMA president Dr Steve Hambleton and La Trobe University senior lecturer in public health Dr Ken Harvey.

The letter follows the announcement from CQU in August that it had “answered calls for a Queensland-based chiropractic course” by appointing former RMIT Associate Professor Phillip Ebrall as its Professor of Chiropractic with a Chiropractic Science degree to begin in February.

“At the risk of sounding patronising, we wonder if you have had a chance to