Unravelling the e-health myths

DR MIKE Civil holds that amid all the discussion and confusion about the new e-health records system, it is important to remember the government only ever promised that patients would be able to register for an electronic record on 1 July, not that the PCEHR system would be fully operational – though he concedes many questions need to be answered.

“I think something will be delivered on July 1, but what that will actually be is the big question,” he says. 

“I feel pretty confident patients will be able to register by that date, but I’m pretty pessimistic we will be able to do much else.

“Some of the ancillary work is starting to generate interest and some general practice organisations are supplying guides to help GPs get ready for the introduction of the system but we’re still a bit light on the details.

“I think we have got our heads around what the concept is for the system broadly,