Using fart spray in medical training

It teaches students how to maintain focus in adversity

A plastic-bottled spray that smells like fart and faeces has morphed from a childish prank into a useful medical training tool.

Invented by two former US engineers, the foul-smelling stench, known as Liquid Ass, was originally designed to appease their bathroom humour, but the two North Carolina men say it's now being used for more noble pursuits.

Liquid Ass is being widely used to teach medical responders how to maintain focus and professional demeanor in the midst of a truly overwhelming smell, according the product’s makers, Allen Wittman and Andrew Masters, who say they're now making a living from the product.

The stench so realistically mimics the human colon, it’s the perfect training tool, they told news website Quartz.

High-tech medical mannequins and simulation labs are incapable of replicating the full range of smells that can come from the human body, they add.