Vaccine patch wins Aussie inventor award

In London on Wednesday, Brisbane-based Professor Mark Kendall was named one of five recipients of the Rolex Awards for Enterprise, providing him with more than $100,000 to conduct human trials of his vaccine delivery system.

“I’ve got a four-year-old son and we’ve been through it. My wife took him for his first... vaccine and said, ‘Gee, that was tough. Can you take him next time?’

“I said, ‘What’s the big deal?’ And I took him and it was traumatic.

“So it’s personal experience,” Professor Kendall said of the inspiration for his research.

The nanopatch works similarly to a nicotine patch, administering vaccine for skin absorption directly to areas where immune cells are most abundant, rather than the less-effective method of injecting into muscle.

“We’ve proven the nanopatch now on the mouse model and demonstrated unprecedented,