Vaisman prepares defence for AMI treatments

ADVANCED Medical Institute director Dr Jack Vaisman (PhD) has vowed his company will be exonerated of ACCC allegations that it breached the Trade Practices Act by pressuring “vulnerable” patients suffering erectile dysfunction to buy expensive treatments.

The ACCC was recently granted leave by the Federal Court to continue proceedings against AMI, which is still trading despite being placed in administration late last year.

Legal proceedings against a company would normally be put on hold during the administration period. However, the court found reason for the action to continue and gave AMI and its sole shareholder, AMI Australia Holdings, until last Wednesday to serve defences to the ACCC’s statement of claim.

The ACCC argued the company had been put into administration the day after court proceedings began as a way to halt those proceedings, and that as AMI was still trading and able to meet expenses, the proceedings presented