Vale Dr Julian Tudor Hart: Professor Max Kamien pays tribute to GP revolutionary

'He was a pathfinder for good general practice, and I cherish his memory'

This month, Dr Julian Tudor Hart died. The British GP was a revolutionary in general practice, pioneering the role of preventive healthcare. He was also the doctor who first coined the term 'the inverse care law'. Professor Max Kamien, who himself has had a profound impact on the specialty, knew Dr Tudor Hart. He offers this personal tribute.

British GP Dr Julian Tudor Hart has died aged 91. He was one of the 20th-century’s leading thinkers about improving healthcare in the discipline of general practice and family medicine.

His mentors were the now world-renowned clinical epidemiologists Dr Richard Doll and Dr Archie Cochrane.

Much of Dr Tudor Hart's professional medical life was spent as a GP in the small coal mining village of Glyncorrwg in the Afan Valley of Wales.

He treated the sick but also initiated interventions to screen